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  • Bookkeeping
  • Quarterly VAT returns
  • Payroll administration
  • Accounts management
  • Statutory accounts administration
  • Personal tax
  • Company tax

BOOKKEEPING  order now
The regular recording of your company's financial transactions is the foundation upon which the Accounting, VAT and Taxation elements of our services are based. Furthermore the Companies Act places a duty on the directors of a UK company to maintain proper books of account in order that these records can disclose with reasonable accuracy the financial position of the business.

In addition to this statutory requirement, your company will have been established to generate profits. Regular financial reports are essential for you to maintain control over the finances of your company and to ensure that it is indeed trading profitably.

Once the basic financial information has been compiled by the bookkeeper we recommend that a qualified accountant is appointed to compile financial reports for you and to interpret the trends so reported. Furthermore financial statements (whose format and contents are specified by the Companies Acts) have to be lodged at Companies House within ten months of the company's financial year-end.

Decisions based on misinformation, or even no information at all, have little prospect of being the correct decisions. Our accountants are available to assist with all the decision-making processes of a modern business.

A great deal of experience in a variety of businesses has been amassed by our accountants and they are well-qualified to advise on compilation of budgets and forecasts and on reporting of actual results against these, the calculation of standards and variances for production costing, and the generation of financial models to monitor and evaluate capital expenditure.

Once the eligible turnover of a business exceeds established limits all businesses are required to register for VAT and thereafter to act as an unpaid tax collector for H.M. Customs & Excise. It may be in your interest to register for VAT voluntarily - our staff will be able to assist you in this decision.

Compliance with the large number of VAT regulations is an onerous responsibility and the penalties for erroneous returns can be quite severe. We would not recommend that the untrained take this task on.

The obvious answer is to utilise our VAT skills and appoint us not only to register your company for VAT but also to make the necessary monthly or quarterly returns for you.

PAYROLL  order now
Once your company starts to employ its own staff, you will be faced with the obligation to pay these staff and to deal with the varied items of legislation that control the workplace.

A short and incomplete list of legislation governing the employment of people in the UK is:

  1. Income Tax Acts and Pay As You Earn (P.A.Y.E.) regulations
  2. Health & Safety at Work
  3. Minimum Wage regulations
  4. Maternity regulations
  5. Equal Pay regulations
  6. Insurance and pension requirements

Rather than devote your own time and resources in implementing the foregoing you would be well advised to appoint Eac Accountancy Assist to manage these functions for you.

In particular the weekly or monthly payment of your employees will require the calculation not only of the gross pay due to them for the period concerned but also the calculation of deductions of income tax and national insurance which can be a laborious task for the unskilled.

TAXATION  order now
Taxation can be a significant cost of doing business in the U.K. and it is essential that timely and accurate returns are made to the Inland Revenue. Failure to make such returns can result in severe penalties.

Well in advance of making any returns (whether for corporation tax or income tax) it is sensible to plan for minimisation of the tax charge. Apparently simple alterations to the way in which business is transacted can make significant changes to the amount of tax payable.

The tax specialists employed by Eac Accountancy Assist are available to assist you with all of the foregoing.

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